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The Chinese plastic machine manufacturing industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, with China becoming a hub for high-quality, efficient, and reliable machinery. As a result, many companies worldwide rely on Chinese manufacturers for their plastic processing needs.

In this article, we will introduce the top 10 plastic machine manufacturers in China. These manufacturers are known for producing various types of machines, such as injection molding machines, extrusion blow molding machines, and plastic recycling machinery. With their innovative technologies and dedication to customer satisfaction, these companies continue to shape the future of the plastics industry.

From large-scale injection molding machines to specialized recycling equipment, the following Chinese manufacturers offer a comprehensive range of solutions for plastic processing. By engaging with these industry-leading companies, businesses can enhance their production capabilities and benefit from cost-effective and efficient machinery solutions.

Top 10 Plastic Machine Manufacturers in China

Haitian International

Haitian International is the largest injection molding machine manufacturer in China, and it ranks first among the top 10 injection molding machine manufacturers in the country. Established in 1966 in Ningbo, the company has been focusing on research, development, manufacturing, and sales of various plastic machines, providing customers with high-quality and cost-effective products.


Chen Hsong Group

Chen Hsong Group is one of the world’s leading plastic machinery manufacturers and is known for producing high-quality injection molding machines. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company has production operations in China, Taiwan, and Japan. Producing approximately 15,000 machines annually, Chen Hsong has an extensive customer base in over 90 countries.



Yizumi is a China-based injection molding machine manufacturer that focuses on designing, manufacturing, and selling top-of-the-line molding machines. Their product portfolio includes injection molding machines, die casting machines, and rubber injection machines. Established in 2002, Yizumi has gained a strong market reputation for its innovation and quality.


Guangdong Liansu

Guangdong Liansu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a specialist in plastic pipe and profile extrusion machinery in China. The company offers PVC, PE, PP, and PPR pipe extrusion lines as well as WPC profile extrusion lines. With a focus on product quality and continuous innovation, Guangdong Liansu’s machines have gained a strong market share in the Chinese market.


Bole Machinery

Bole Machinery is an innovative manufacturer of high-quality injection molding machines in China. Founded in 1998, the company emphasizes research and development, providing a wide range of products to customers in various industries, from automotive and home appliances to healthcare and packaging.


Tederic Machinery

Tederic Machinery is a leading provider of injection molding machinery in China. The company is committed to developing energy-efficient, high-performance machines that cater to the diverse needs of its customers in multiple industries, ranging from automotive and aviation to medical and consumer goods.



Dakumar is a well-known injection molding machine manufacturer in China, specializing in high-speed and energy-saving injection molding machines. Founded in 2005, the company focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for customers, including machine manufacturing, mold production, and turnkey services.


Cosmos Machinery

Cosmos Machinery is a diversified machinery manufacturer specializing in plastic injection molding machines, blow molding machines, and extrusion machinery. Established in 1958, it has grown into one of the most reputable brands in the Chinese plastic machinery industry.



Hymson was founded in 1975 and has since grown to become a well-respected manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines and robotic automation systems in China. The company’s product range includes hydraulic, electric, hybrid, and vertical injection molding machines, catering to the needs of various industries.


Welltec Machinery

Welltec Machinery is a leading plastic injection molding machine manufacturer in China. Established in 1982, the company provides a diverse range of products, including toggle clamping systems, hydraulic clamping systems, and electric injection molding machines. With a focus on innovation and quality, Welltec is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of its customers in different industries.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Machine Manufacturer

There are several aspects to consider when selecting a plastic machine manufacturer in China. This section breaks down the most crucial factors to ensure a well-informed decision.

Production Capability

It is essential to evaluate the manufacturer’s production capacity to determine if they can meet your project’s deadlines and volume requirements. Consider aspects such as:

  • Production scale: Determine their ability to handle small or large-scale orders, depending on your needs.
  • Lead times: Assess how quickly the manufacturer can deliver the machines, taking into account any potential delays or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Customization: Some projects require customized machines. Ensure the manufacturer can accommodate these modifications.

Technology and Innovation

A reputable manufacturer should invest in advanced technology and innovation for better machine efficiency and performance. Look for:

  • Up-to-date technology: Ensure the manufacturer uses state-of-the-art devices, tools, and methods to produce high-quality machines.
  • Research and development: Check if the manufacturer actively participates in R&D to stay at the forefront of industry trends and advancements.
  • Patents and certifications: A substantial number of patents or certifications indicate a company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Quality and Reliability

When choosing a plastic machine manufacturer, the quality and reliability of the machines are crucial factors. Consider the following aspects:

  • Materials: High-quality machines are made of robust and durable components, such as stainless steel, that can withstand heavy use without breaking down1.
  • Industry standards: Verify if the manufacturer adheres to appropriate industry standards and regulations, ensuring the machines meet safety and quality requirements.
  • Track record: Research the manufacturer’s past projects and check for any quality-related issues or customer complaints.

After-Sales Support and Service

A well-rounded after-sales support and service system is vital in case any issues arise after purchasing the machines. Don’t overlook:

  • Technical support: Assess whether the manufacturer offers prompt and comprehensive assistance for technical issues or queries.
  • Warranty and maintenance: Check the warranty coverage and maintenance services provided to ensure the machines remain in optimal condition.
  • Spare parts availability: Verify whether the manufacturer keeps a sufficient stock of spare parts to minimize downtime during repairs or maintenance.


Lastly, consider the pricing of the plastic machines and the value they provide. Factors to keep in mind include:

  • Fair pricing: Make sure the manufacturer’s pricing aligns with industry standards and reflects the quality and features of the machines.
  • Additional costs: Be mindful of any hidden fees or extras related to shipping, installation, training, or customization.
  • Price negotiations: Some manufacturers may have room for negotiation, so don’t hesitate to explore that option if necessary.

By thoroughly examining these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a plastic machine manufacturer in China.


  1. Why Quality Matters When Choosing Plastic Crusher Machine Manufacturers

Impact of Chinese Plastic Machine Manufacturers in the Global Market

Chinese plastic machine manufacturers play a significant role in the international market, with their cutting-edge technology, cost-effective solutions, and wide range of offerings. As China’s economy continues to grow, so does the demand for plastic products, leading to the rapid expansion of the plastic machinery industry in the country. This growth has had a considerable impact on the global market, particularly in terms of supply and pricing dynamics.

One major factor behind China’s dominance in the plastic machinery market is its ability to produce high-quality equipment at relatively lower costs due to economies of scale and more affordable labor. This cost advantage allows Chinese manufacturers to offer competitive prices, which in turn attracts customers from around the world. Furthermore, the Chinese plastic machinery industry has made significant advancements in terms of automation, precision, and energy efficiency, positioning itself as an attractive option for international buyers seeking advanced solutions.

China’s plastic machinery manufacturers have also been proactive in establishing a strong global presence by participating in various international trade shows, forging partnerships with overseas companies, and setting up sales and service centers in strategic locations around the world. These efforts have helped to increase awareness and accessibility of Chinese plastic machinery products, further contributing to their impact on the international market.

Some of the top Chinese plastic machine manufacturers include:

  • Haitian Plastics Machinery Group Co. Ltd.
  • Shanghai Jwell Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Chen Hsong Group
  • Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery

In addition to the individual efforts of these companies, the Chinese government has also supported the industry by promoting innovation and investment in research and development. This has enabled Chinese manufacturers to keep pace with the latest industry trends and meet the continuously evolving demands of the global market.

In conclusion, the impact of Chinese plastic machine manufacturers on the global market is undeniable. Their competitive pricing, innovative technology, and extensive product range have positioned them as formidable contenders in the international plastic machinery industry, shaping the dynamics of the market and influencing trends across the sector.

Future Trends in the Plastic Machine Manufacturing Industry

As the plastic machine manufacturing industry continues to evolve, several key trends are anticipated to drive innovation and growth.

  1. Sustainability and eco-friendly machinery: Sustainability is becoming a crucial factor in the industry, with a push for decarbonization of manufacturing supply chains and the implementation of EU regulations Machine Insider. Manufacturers are focusing on developing machinery that uses less energy, produces minimal waste, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Increased automation and use of Industry 4.0 technologies: Smart technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data analytics are changing the face of manufacturing. By integrating these technologies into plastic machine manufacturing, businesses can enhance productivity, minimize downtime, and optimize process efficiency.
  3. Extended reality and metaverse applications: Forbes predicts that extended reality technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, will play an increasingly significant role in manufacturing. These technologies can enhance product visualization, streamline collaborations, and improve training and support sessions.
  4. Advanced material processing: The industry will continue to explore ways to process novel materials and biodegradable plastics, minimizing environmental impact and catering to the growing consumer demand for sustainable products.
  5. Customization and digital transformation: The plastic machine manufacturing industry is experiencing a shift towards offering customizable solutions that cater to specific end-users’ needs. By utilizing digital transformation tools, manufacturers can more effectively meet customer demands, streamline operations, and optimize production processes.

These trends indicate a promising future for the plastic machine manufacturing industry, with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and embracing cutting-edge technologies. As manufacturers continue to adapt and evolve, the industry’s potential for growth and advancement is significant.

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